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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mercato Mall


Semalam tak da program so ajak asben pergi Mercato Mall...Alhamdulillah sampai jugak walaupon tak tau jalan ikut jalan al wasl road jalan terus sampai nampak Mercato Mall (thanks ya kak moi sudi bagi direction)
Mercato Mall ini ala-ala Italian Mall.. pak arab dan minah arab yang rajin lepak sini agaknya dekat dengan kawasan perumahan diaorg area Jumeriah Beach Road.

Info Mengenai Mercato Mall dipetik dari Internet

DubaiMercato (Italian for market) is the first themed mall in the Middle East and UAE, which brings together the choicest lifestyle offerings from the Mediterranean, in addition to many exclusive international brands. Based on a distinctive Renaissance architectural concept, it predominantly captures Italian, French and Spanish flavours and artistic characteristics; playing host to regular fairs and festivals from each country. Mercato is designed to be a prestigious shopping destination catering to quality-conscious residents and visitors to Dubai. It is ideally located in Jumeirah, one of the fastest growing residential and retail districts in the city, currently boasting several resort properties, hotels and private villas. Mercato provides more than just world famous brand names; it offers a comprehensive shopping and entertainment experience within an aesthetically stimulating ambience. It is simply the Goodlife.Mercato is an inspired creation from the famous Italian architect, Daniele Morelli, a well-known Italian architect, who researched extensively to give shape to the vision of Mr Abdul Rahim Zarooni, the seasoned entrepreneur with an eye for artistic excellence. The interior of the mall replicates the concept of several squares, the focal point of any Mediterranean town and the traditional location of the mercato, or market. Centuries ago, peasants would bring their goods to the mercato to trade. Inevitably, shops became permanent features, all facing inwards to attract maximum custom. Eventually, the mercato developed a sense of community and family, becoming a place where people met for coffee and talked for hours. And at sunset, the square would turn into a venue for events, festivals and concerts.

Shopping Hours
Sat-Thur 10:00am � 10:00pm
Fri 2:00pm � 10:00pm
Restaurants may stay open after set timings.
Please contact your restaurant of choice for actual timings
Spinneys is open everyday from 8:00am to 11:00pm
Grand Cinemas Hours: Morning till Midnight
Mercato information desk.
Tel: (04)-3444161
Jumeirah Beach Road, P.O. Box 755,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

so singgah spinney beli cili kering, beli banana dan beli toup hp dah abis credit hehehhe
pastu bila keluar kaunter pembayaran tu tercari-cari mana lah kedai Tavola yang di maksudkan rupanya sebelah kedai laundry dan bersebelahan dengan kedai VCD.

Masuk je kedai Tavola ni rambang biji mata semua nak beli..macam-macam ada.
So pusing dalam tu tak sempah nak belek lama-lama si kecil mengamuk tak mau duduk dalam stroller...tapi sempatlah rembat 2 barang hehehe.
so beli yang ni...dengan harapan nanti bolehlah decorate cup cakes bagi budak-budak suka makan


fizan *sew addict!* said...

mengigau la saya tengok set deco cupcakes akak tu...

FiDa@aMiDa said...


itulah akak sempat sambar wilton cupcakes deco set tu :)