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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Dubai Mall Aquarium Leak

Part of Dubai Mall was evacuated on Thursday after the Dubai Aquarium began to leak.

A spokesman for Dubai Mall said: “A leakage was noticed at one of the panel joints of the Dubai Aquarium at The Dubai Mall and was immediately fixed by the aquarium’s maintenance team. The leakage did not impact the aquarium environment or the safety of the aquatic animals. The Dubai Aquarium works with international experts in aquarium management and upholds the highest safety standards in its management.”

The above picture was taken by an eyewitness.
pics fm arabian
p/s scary can't imagine!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my new toys

My new kitchen gadget/toys...exceli dah lama beli sejak tahun lepas tapi baru hari ni rajin nak upload gambar yang dah lama terperuk dlm folder my lappy
Alhamdulillah sedikit demi sedikit mengumpul :)

Disney Car Cake

in the making of the disney car


Alhamdulillah mission accomplished! very the challenging job to draw a disney car theme cartoon cake :) Chocolate Moist Cake + Chocolate Ganache (Disney Car Theme)
Masih keras tangan lagi...tapi adalah sket-sket rupa kereta tu hahahha

Thanks fauziah sudi order dengan fida.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dinner at Chalet Restaurant

The Aunthentic Multicusine Restaurant in Dubai
that served Arabic, Indian, Chinese, Continential, Salads, Juices & Sandwiches

Lamb chop
Half flattered chicken grill

tofu soy sauce

pomegranate juice (Jus Buah Delima)

chicken nugget + fries
complimentary appetizer of arabic bread + chopped tomatoes & onions, hammos (mashed chickpeas, blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. It is a popular food throughout the Middle East)


Last night after the session of "potong the pulut kuning" a suprised birthday to my hubby then we went out for dinner together with the kids...exceli we have no idea where to have dinner? Then my friend recommended to go this restaurant..reasonable price and taste good too especially flattered charcoal grilled chicken and lamb chop. For the kids we ordered nuggets & fries...additional menu tofu with soy sauce. For drink I ordered pomegranate of juicy and nice taste too which recommended by my friend Ruth

At the beginning my son already fall a sleep inside the car..,then I carried him out and let him sleep at my lap..During his short sleep time..I managed to eat in peacefully without any interruption. About an hour he woke up and he ate nugget..

I think before this if we went to Tavola at Mercato Mall we used the same road and usually saw this Chalet Restaurant but from far we thought this must be an expensive restaurant along by the roadside :) well our guess is not true at all...not very expensive but reasonable price as compared to other restaurant.

Charlet Restaurant is located near to Jumeirah Beach Hotel at Jumeirah Beach Road near Umm Suquiem. This restaurant also have delivery service. You can choose whether to seat inside the restaurant or outside the road. If you choose to seat outside the road you can feel the fresh air and sometimes you feel a bit cool because of the windy night and to see a lot cars that passing by.

Overall I gave 4 star for the so yummylicious charcoal grilled flattered chicken and the lamb chop and the pomegranate juice!

More can go to syiqim blog

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Sayang!


Sempena Birthday my hubby today....

I buat special pulut kuning since he doesn't like to eat cake :)

Kebetulan stok pulut tinggal sket je lagi so nak habiskan stok dengan menggunakan bahan-bahan yang ada dalam peti sejuk/dapur kira idea ni memang secara spontan.

Buat jugak soto ayam untuk budak-budak ni makan dan kari ayam untuk makan dengan pulut kuning.

Balik-balik dari opis....suprised! terharu dia tengok pulut kuning ni :)

"Happy 35th Birthday sayang..semoga murah rezeki, panjang umur, semoga kita berbahagia sehingga ke akhir hayat :)
Luv you so much! "

Nak share resepi pulut kuning yang mudah untuk dibuat sumber dari MyResepi

Bahan-bahan ( 5-6 org makan )

2 cawan beras pulut
1 cawan santan pekat + 1 cawan air panas
1 sdt garam
1 helai daun pandan
1 sdb minyak masak
Sedikit serbuk kunyit


1.Cuci beras pulut hingga bersih..masukkan semua bahan2 kedalam rice cooker
2.Setelah mendidih..gaul pulut supaya x berkerak..kemudian biarkan hingga masak..
3.Sesuai dimakan bersama rendang, kari ayam & daging, kurma & sambal ikan bilis..
4.Kaedah yg sama ini juga boleh digunakan ( jgn masukkan serbuk kunyit) memasak pulut utk kuih serimuka , pulut serunding..pulut ini juga enak dimakan besama serawa durian..
5.Selamat mencuba! ^_*

*Note..(pulut di rendam 1-2 jam dengan sedikit serbuk kunyit terlebih dahulu)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Raffles International Day

Terima kasih Tourism Malaysia

Malaysia Booth

10-2 pm
Raffles International School - West Campus (Umm Suquiem)

Raffles International Day at my daughter school. This time we set up our own Malaysia Booth and this is my 1st time joining this event and with other Malaysian parents Ajue, Kak Moi, Kak Ziela, Sofia, Fairus, Ruth..Thanks a lot for helping me make it this event happened.

Bravo! Our Malaysian Booth is very successful and oustanding dish compared to others ASEAN Country with varietiey of Malaysian Dish such as Nasi Lemak, Rendang Daging, Penang Char Kiow Tiew, Bihun Goreng, Kuih Onde-Onde, Koci, Cara Berlauk, Keropok, Sagu, Malaysian Fruits (Langsat, Rambutan, Manggis), Sirap Rose and Malaysian Cofee

Even thought I'm tired because yesterday joined Family Day at Al Ain reached home at 10.30 pm and to wake up ealy 5.00am to prepare Nasi Lemak and Kuih Cara Berlauk but I'm happy and satisfy with the arrangement for this event.

Not forgetting to Tourism Malaysia for supporting us with their Tudung Saji, Wau Bulan, Broshure, Gong, Kain Batik,etc

Jabeel Hafeet Al Ain

Embassy Abu Dhabi + Consulate Dubai

colouring contest

Hot Spring

From top of Mountain Jabeel Hafeet

Beautiful scenery

the kidos

Group photo on the top of moutain Jabeel Hafeet

my sardine bun

Family Day at Al Ain - Jabeel Hafeet

Depart from Dubai with 6 car as early as 7.15am and reached Al Ain about 9.30am.
Family day start at 10.00am - 4.00 pm.
This Family Day was combination of Embassy Malaysia in Abu Dhabi and Consulate Malaysia in Dubai. So many games for kids and for adults too. Port Luck menu...such as nasi, ayam masak merah, sayur, ulam-ulam, Bihun, Mee Goreng, Sardine Bun...Snack,etc

I'm made Sardine Bun for the port luck.
After that we went to Jabeel Hafeet Mountain to see beautiful scenery from the top.

Reached home at 10.30 pm..very tiring but enjoyable.