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Monday, March 1, 2010

Jalan-Jalan Dragon Mart & jalan-jalan cari makan

Terletak berdekatan dengan International City

makan di Restaurant Eat & Drink - Najma Al Quoz Branch

Only these photos that managed to snap!
complimentary of arabic bread + hammous + salad


Location: International City, Dubai
Tel: 04 424 5825
Near : Hatta-Oman Road
Open :

Sat-Wed 10am-10pm; Thu 10am-11pm;
Fri 2pm-11pm

"At 1.2km long, Dragon Mart is the largest Chinese trading hub outside of China. Built like an enormous pink dragon, it includes showrooms, shopping areas, restaurants and warehouses that house no fewer than 4,000 enterprises dealing in Chinese products. Although it’s divided up into various sections such as clothing, hardware and furniture, often these are quite mixed up and you never know when you may stumble across a ridiculously cheap pair of comfy shoes, a slinky silk embroidered gown or an authentic-looking set of pearls"
credit to timeoutdubai

Benda yang di rembat kat Dragon Mart
(balik tengok ingat made in China rupanya made in Korea lah ada tulisan korea kat kotak tu)

Our activities last Friday....We went to Dragon Mart together with fairus...After tired shopping around inside Dragon Mart we went to Al Quoz to eat at Eat n Drink Restaurant. We ordered chicken machine grill, Prawn Fried Rice, Schzuan Fried Rice, Sweet & Sour Soup, Fried Mee.

There is one more branch Eat n Drink Restaurant near Jumeirah (near to King Dubai School)
near to our house.

We sat inside because already night time a bit windy and sometimes there are sandstorm
Overall, the chicken machine grilled was superb!


Syigim said...

uittt jln2 tak ajak ye.. uhuk uhuk. tp xpelah.. kita pun demam :( kedai tu ngan chalet mane lagi sedap ayam dia?

FiDa@aMiDa said...

syiqim mmg nak ajak you tapi takut your asben tak balik dari outstation heheheh lagipon u demam kan heheheh jgn mare next time ajak...emm rasa mcm chicken machine grill sedap lagi kot sbb dia juicy dlm dia lembut betul..tapi ada different bakar charcoal dgn machine lain sket