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Monday, March 22, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award


Yeay dapat award...lama tak dapat award...
I received this award from Syiqim Blogger in Dubaian - syukran!

Now I have to list out 7 things about myself, and tag 7 more new-found blogger friends!

7 stuff about me that you should know :

  • I'm married and have 2 kids - girl 5 years+ & boy 3 years old

  • Everywhere people always recognized me as a chinese/korean/japanese looks..yeap that's great grandmother is mix of malay+chinese+jambi = apa-ape je lah janji 1 Malaysia

  • I born in Aloq Setaq Kedah...will speak automatically loghat utara when I meet friend from Utara of course hehehe and I'm raised at Selangor

  • Previously accompany my hubby to South Korea for 5 1/2 years (bolehlah sket2 ckp korean) and right now at Dubai almost 1 year +

  • My new hobby since at the "Perantauan Orang" love to cook, baking, sharing recipies, shopping, travelling

  • I'm very committed & disipline with any kind of job given/assign to me event (pernah tak tido pasal baking roti/kek) I'm is the youngest in my family of 3 girls

  • I'm afraid of coachroach, snake and I don't like messy & dirty place
  • !

    Who are the 7 New Bloggers

    1. Ika Bangkok
    2. Hazliena
    3. Kak Nor
    4. Datin El
    5. Aliaah
    6. Erynn
    7. Diyana Musli - NZ

    and to all my blogger friends/followers yang belum ada award ni lagi sudi-sudikanlah tampal kat blog masing-masing :)

    1 comment:

    Syigim said...

    huish lama jgk rupanya fida duk korea ye.... patutla budak2 gile beras jepun/korea hihihii...