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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dubai winter season



Last year winter at Dubai heavy rain, flood at Sharjah, Syed Zahed Rd. As everyone knew that Dubai have no proper drain. When raining everywhere got water

This year winter just a few days ago started raining but not a heavy rain like Malaysia but love to smell of raining, fresh, cool air :)

Started 2011, since I got the driving license few months ago, so my hubby give me the tough job to fetch the kids to the beginning I sent my daughter near Umm Suquiem Rd...later on once I have a little bit confidence now, I have to fetch my son near Ibn Battuta Mall using the Syed Zahed Rd - 6 lanes highway...quite dangerous make me nervous when entered this road. Everyone drive like a crazy especially taxi drivers...have to be extra extra careful while on the road!

At Dubai all vehicles are left handed, so at the beginning a bit confusing using the signal, wiper and so on.. Well two different routes so a bit challenging for me! When raining, made me a bit worried of the road condition bla bla bla....Alhamdulillah so far so good. Hope Allah protect my journey while I'm driving on the road fetch/sent them to school....ameen

Everyday, my routine quite tiring too. Early in the morning I have prepared breakfast for the kids, prepared them to bath, feed them, sent to schools, cooked for lunch, fetch them again... Sometimes i'm complaint to my hubby everything I have to do...i'm a driver, i'm cleaner, i'm a maid,etc so what u do? Yes I know kena bersyukur tapi sekali sekala kan kena jugak luahkan perasan pada asben betul tak?

Last but not least, some advantages when now I can drive

1) Not need to wait for my hubby for the grocery during weekend, I can do it myself anytime at Lulu/Mall Of emirates which is near to my house

2) Have my own privacy during the kids are away to school for window shopping/spa/saloon :)

3) Can deliver my cake/cupcakes order within near by area


Syigim said...

bestnye fida dah ade lesen bole drive. dr hari tu nk tanya kat facebook, "eh sejak bila fida drive ni..." hihihi...TAHNIAH. bukan senang nk lulus driving test :)

lepas ni bole la fida buat special delivery kek ke rumah kitorang heheh ;)

FiDa@aMiDa said...

gim, Alhamdulillah lama gak nak menunggu utk dptkan lesen
Ok Insyallah boleh make delivery near by Dubai Marina :)

Mother of Two said...

kalau dah ada lesen kena buat kenduri 3 hari 3 malam tau. next syigim pulak...:)

FiDa@aMiDa said...

sheila hahahhha lawak lah :)