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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Berbuka dengan Bubur Cha Cha


Today my lovely daughter birthday..since I already celebrated her birthday in advance last today no cake for her

emm i found a packet of this Bubur at the kitchen store
So I made her 'Bubur Cha Cha' my favourite during my childhood my mom always make this 'Bubur' so colourful

I made plain without ubi keledek because she doesn't like it..since I also fasting today...this will be my juadah berbuka :)

Starting tomorrow my kitchen will be cleaned and shined for about 3 tomorrow & day after tomorrow we will eat outside since we will go for summer holiday to Malaysia...

ooooo balik kampung, hati girang !!!


200gm dried cha cha
A bowl of thick coconut milk (may add additional thin coconut milk if necessary)
Sweet potatoe (keledek..preferably the yellow one),
diced Sugar
A pinch of salt
Pandan leaf

1. Boil dried cha cha and sweet potatoe seperately until softened.
2. Combine coconut milk, sugar and salt in a casserole and let simmer for a while. Stir so as not to let the mixture get crumbled.
3. Add in softened cha cha and sweet potatoe. Let simmer and adjust the sweetness.
4. Put in the pandan leaf, stir a while and you are done.
I was supposed to put the yellow sweet potatoe in the porridge but unfortunately I couldn`t get one. They were out of stock. I managed to get the white one anyhow. Why yellow ??..Well..just to add more colours to the porridge actually. As you can see, the cha cha itself is already multicolors..and why sweet potatoe??..The cha cha is made of flour and almost tasteless if we only use cha adding sweet potatoe or anything like banana, pumpkin, sukun, tapioca etc..may vary the taste in the porridge. All is up to you..mine is just a serving suggestion.

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ain said...

happy bday utk anak fida. moga selalu dirahmati Allah. Sedapnya bubur cha cha tu, sesuai sgt utk desert buka posa.